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19429 U.S. Hwy 12
New Buffalo, Michigan 49117

Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. (EST).

This is a menu of electric cart services, please contact us for gas cart service schedules. Major service is recommended every other year in normal private use.

Onsite Mini Service

We will come to your home and perform the following services.

  1. check and fill tires
  2. neutralize acid build up on batteries
  3. minor terminal cleaning
  4. fill batteries with distilled water
  5. WD-40 switches and contacts
  6. Perform an overall inspection of contacts, switches, fasteners etc.

$50.00 (plus any needed parts)

NOTE: If there is major corrosion of the battery rack, cables etc the cart must come in for a pressure wash and general service.

General Service

Pickup and perform at New Buffalo facility and return and includes all services above plus:

  1. pressure wash chassis and battery compartment
  2. discharge test batteries
  3. grease front suspension, tie rods, king pins and wheel bearings.
  4. front end alignment check and adjustment
  5. rear differential fluid check and fill
  6. remove brake drums and clean and adjust brakes
  7. check hill brake operation
  8. rotate tires if needed
  9. coat battery terminals

$139.00  (plus any needed parts)

Golf Cart Detailing

  1. super scrub upholster y
  2. compound rub out cart body
  3. wax cart body
  4. touch up black trim and bumpers etc
  5. Armorall


Windshield polish add ($20.00)

Winter Storage

In our secure indoor warehouse. Pickup Sept 15 to November 15 storage to May 1st. Additional charges for 6 passenger and larger vehicles.

  • Includes pressure wash and scrub in spring with return $250.00
  • Winter package combo complete service with storage $350.00

Please keep in mind that during the off season November to April we will service lawn equipment, ATV, chain saws as well.