This is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself and it has to do with your skill level, budget and cart usage.

Generally a gas cart is a few hundred dollars more than an electric until they reach about 15 years old then the electric cart retains more of its value as it is expected to have a longer life and far less repairs. We have many 30 plus year old electric carts still in operation.

Reasons to buy a gas cart:

Reasons to buy an electric cart:

Most people will find an electric cart a pleasure to own. Do not be swayed by the advice of others that say, “The batteries will cost you $600 to replace and the electric is more expensive to own.”  In fact, the operating cost of the gas and electric are virtually the same; the only difference is the gas car will nickel and dime you with fuel, filters, oil changes, belts, etc., whereas the electric vehicle will be trouble-free but you will face the large expense of battery replacement every 5 to 7 years.

All current production golf cars are 4-cycle and any older 2-cycle golf carts should be avoided as they are obsolete and parts have become a problem.

Most industry professionals would agree that Club Car with its Kawasaki engine or Yamaha with its Yamaha engine are the best gas available to day. They would also agree that Club Car or E-Z Go is the best and most popular electrics. But where the Club Car has an aluminum frame the E-Z Go is steel and weight is important with an electric.

Consult with your golf cart professional for additional information.