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KEEP YOUR BATTERIES CLEAN: You can hose them off, just do not spray electronics. Use baking soda and water solution to neutralize acid residue. Use a wire brush on terminals if you see any corrosion. Tighten your terminals annually and terminal coat will help protect as well.

KEEP YOUR BATTERIES CHARGED: Charge your batteries after any significant use, and do not store them partially discharged. Monthly do an equalization charge by unplugging your charger from the cart and charge them for an extra cycle. Your batteries do not charge well below 40 degrees, but at this temperature or below the batteries will go dormant and self discharging is slowed.

KEEP YOUR BATTERIES FILLED: Use only distilled water, and a small funnel is helpful. Use a flashlight or be in a well lit environment. DO NOT OVERFILL. New batteries should be checked every other month and as they age they boil off more water so monthly checks required in year 4 & 5
Fill to ¼ inch below the inner indication tube which extends down from the cap. Fill batteries when they are fully charged only.

WINTER STORAGE: Follow this order: Check fluid level then charge batteries fully, if temperature is below 40 pick another day. Perform an equalization charge per above. Clean the batteries with baking soda and water solution (note will discolor concrete). Switch the run/tow switch to tow or disconnect on battery terminal to kill the circuit. In the Midwest you can perform all this in October or November and safely store the batteries until March or April in an unheated environment. Batteries in a heated environment should be recharged every 30 days as they will self discharge.

Other notes:
Due to a potential power surge we advise fully disconnection the charger when charge completed
Keep your tires at 20 psi
Put the charger on a shelf not on the floor where it will get damaged
Do not leave a charger outside in the elements
If you use a storage cover and keep cart outside for the winter it is likely your upholstery will be eaten.

Please contact us if we can assist you with your golf cart needs.

Lithium Batteries have arrived!


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